FIXED PRICE A fixed-price plan is ideal for customers seeking budget certainty and the elimination of volatility, this product provides a fixed rate for electric supply throughout the contract.  A fixed price allows customers to take a “hands off” approach to their energy management – by choosing a fixed price time period and PSEG Energy Solutions will handle the rest.
INDEX + ADDER This option provides customers with the utmost flexibility in managing their electric supply by “floating” their costs with the current energy market. With this solution, customers benefit when prices decline, while retaining the option to convert to a fixed price in the future. This solution is valuable for customers who want to take an active role in managing their energy expenses and for those who have the ability to alter operations in response to energy costs.
  • Fixed Adder is typically comprised of Transmission, Capacity, Ancillary, and RPS charges while energy costs are indexed to the Day Ahead market.
  • PSEG Energy Solutions is happy to work with customers in designing Index + Fixed Adder products that allow them to pick and choose which supply components are fixed and which “float” with the current market price.
BLOCK + INDEX Customers on an Index contract also have the ability to purchase blocks, providing them with additional tools to manage their electric supply costs.  With a block purchase, customers can set a fixed price for a portion of their electric usage. Any usage above the fixed amount “floats” with the current market price.  This product provides customers with the ability to quickly respond to changing market conditions and the ability to customize block purchases that correspond to their unique usage profile.
  • Customers have the option of purchasing blocks from a minimum size of 250kW up to 100% of their On- Peak, Off- Peak, or Around the Clock usage.
  • PSEG Energy Solutions offers customers the flexibility of purchasing single month, seasonal strips, and other combinations of blocks.